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Final release ticket update

Final release Defqon.1 tickets have arrived at the Q-dance office and the other points of contact.

If you still have 2nd release tickets in possession, you can sell them until next week Monday August 10th.

Currently there are still some 2nd release tickets available for those wanting to pick up and sell more before the ticket payment & return deadline of Monday August 10th. Any outstanding 2nd release tickets in your possession need to be either paid for or returned to your local point of contact before 6pm Monday August 10th.

After Monday August 10th, only final release Saturday Festival and Weekend Warrior tickets will be issued. The VIP and Next Level Mainstage tickets remain the same price, and therefore (if you still have any in possession) you can keep selling them till the final release deadline.

Info for unofficial Ambassadors:

If you are an unofficial Ambassador and you are currently collecting the ticket money for your first 10 tickets, you can use the 2nd release ticket prices until Monday August 10th for your first ticket payment. If you make your first ticket payment after Monday August 10th, the final release ticket prices will apply. We will update the Ambassador Manual at that time with the updated price info.

Online sales:

We receive a lot of messages from Ambassadors requesting an update of sales made with your online codes. Please note that every few weeks we automatically update your profile, and add any extra sales to your personal tally if any tickets are sold with your online code. If any sales have been made with your online code, you will get an automatic notification from us when these sales have been added to your profile. If you don’t get any notifications from us, it means no sales have been made with your online code.

Your online code is your ARN number, and this can be used as a ‘special offer code’ in the online Defqon.1 ticket store. If someone uses your offer code to buy an admission ticket, they will receive $2.50 discount per ticket and each ticket sold with your code is added to your personal ticket sales tally. You check check your up-to-date sales at any given time by logging in to your profile here.

Time-out of sales codes during release switch over period:

Please note that there might be a short time-out period when online 2nd release tickets have sold out and switch to the final release in which the codes will not be working. Your code might not be active for a period of 24 to a max of 48 hours. We expect this to occur sometimes in the coming few days as 2nd release online tickets have nearly sold out.

Sell tickets for the Defqon.1 DJ Contest in Sydney:

If you are an Ambassador in Sydney you have the opportunity to sell tickets for the Defqon.1 DJ Contest region final at Masif Saturdays held on Saturday August 22nd. Alongside the 10 DJ Contest finalists, the party also features performances from The Strangerz LIVE, Dillytek and an elite selection of Defqon.1 2015 DJs. Tickets can be picked up from the Q-dance office in Sydney and are to be sold for $25 each. You will receive a free ticket for every 5 tickets you sell.

Date posted: 2015-08-06


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