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Defqon.1 2nd release ticket deadline extended till August 10

We have just been informed by Moshtix that they have run out of stock to print anymore hardcopy tickets. This means that they can't print any final release Defqon.1 tickets at the moment. New ticket stock is due in mid next week.

This means that neither the Q-dance office nor any of the other points of contact will have any final release Defqon.1 tickets available till the week after. Therefore we are extending the original deadline of August 3rd with another week, which means the latest date to return any unsold 2nd release tickets, and pay for your outstanding 2nd release tickets will now be Monday August 10th.

Current ticket availability:

We will send out another message to inform you when final release tickets have arrived at the Q-dance office and all other points of contact. Currently there are still some 2nd release tickets available for those wanting to pick up more before the release switches.

Release switch for admission tickets only:

The release switch and ticket return & payment deadline applies to Defqon.1 admission tickets only (Saturday or Weekend Warrior tickets). The VIP and Next Level Mainstage tickets will remain the same price, and therefore you can keep selling any VIP or Next Level Mainstage tickets that you still have in possession till the final release deadline.

Info for unofficial Ambassadors:

If you are an unofficial Ambassador and you are currently collecting the ticket money for your first 10 tickets, you can use the 2nd release ticket prices until Monday August 10th for your first ticket payment. If you make your first ticket payment after Monday August 10th, the final release ticket prices will apply. We will update the Ambassador Manual at that time with the updated price info.

Good luck!

Ps. We apologise for the delay on the availability of the Defqon.1 Ambassador jackets and backpacks, however the good news is that both will be available shortly (Sydney first and soon after also the other regions as we need some time to ship the items). As extra compensation for the unforeseen waiting time, we have made a limited edition Q-dance Ambassador necklace and will include this for everyone picking up their Ambassador jackets. Please keep an eye on your Inbox as we will send out another update when the jackets are available.

Date posted: 2015-07-23


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