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Last 2nd release Defqon.1 tickets

We have nearly run out of 2nd release Defqon.1 tickets at the Sydney office. If you are an Ambassador in the Sydney region wanting to collect more 2nd release tickets before the release switch, we advise to get in asap. The last available tickets will be given to those who come in first (as long as you have no outstanding tickets anymore of course).

Other regions:

We are going to recall any spare tickets from other regions to accommodate Ambassadors in Sydney. Therefore we also advise all Ambassadors outside the Sydney region to contact your regional point of contact as soon as possible if you want to pick up more 2nd release tickets, before any spare tickets have been sent back to the Sydney office.

Ticket release switch:

Once the last 2nd release tickets have been handed out, we will start issuing final release tickets. We will send out another update when we have switched to the release tickets.

Ultimate 2nd release transfer date:

We are giving all Ambassadors with 2nd release tickets in possession another 2.5 weeks to sell your tickets. The latest date to return any unsold 2nd release tickets, and pay for your outstanding tickets will be Monday August 3rd.

Info for unofficial Ambassadors:

If you are an unofficial Ambassador and you are currently collecting the ticket money for your first 10 tickets, you can use the 2nd release ticket prices until Monday August 3rd for your first ticket payment. If you make your first ticket payment after Monday August 3rd, the final release ticket prices will apply. We will update the Ambassador Manual at that time with the updated price info.

Good luck!

Ps. We apologise for the delay on the availability of the Defqon.1 Ambassador jackets and backpacks, however the good news is that both will be available shortly (Sydney first and soon after also the other regions as we need some time to ship the items). As extra compensation for the unforeseen waiting time, we have made a limited edition Q-dance Ambassador necklace and will include this for everyone picking up their Ambassador jackets. Please keep an eye on your Inbox as we will send out another update when the jackets are available.

Date posted: 2015-07-16


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