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All essential Defqon.1 2018 Ambassador info

Hi Q-dancer,

We stand on the verge of a memorable milestone. The moment to pay tribute to our 10-year legacy and celebrate this landmark in Hardstyle history has come, and we are beyond thrilled to embark on a journey that is a decade strong together with YOU. 

As a Q-dance Ambassador you are joining the elite team of the greatest and most dedicated Hardstyle Warriors in the Southern Hemisphere, and are given the opportunity sell official Defqon.1 tickets, and receive exclusive privileges and promo gear. This is your chance to not only be a Defqon.1 Warrior, but take your passion and dedication to a whole new level and become a legend!

Below you can find all the essential information to start your immersive journey as a Q-dance Ambassador.


The Ambassador manual is your essential guide with all the important details on how to get started as an Ambassador for this year's mammoth edition of Defqon.1, including all details on how to start earning Ambassador points, what rewards are up for grabs, how to get your hands on the highly sought-after hardcopy Ambassador tickets, how to reach the status of Official Q-dance Ambassador, and much more!

Download this year's Ambassador manual here


If you are new to the Ambassador family, you need to reach 200 points in order to reach the status of Official Q-dance Ambassador, which enables you to collect hardcopy tickets to sell. You can reach your first 200 points via online referral sales (referral sales only work from May 31st onwards when general online sales start), or the quickest way: by collecting the money and paying for 10 hardcopy tickets up front.

If you choose to pay for 10 hardcopy tickets up front, please make sure to check the Ambassador manual for a step-by-step guide on how to make your first ticket payment. Of course, once we receive your first payment, we will issue you your hardcopy tickets you paid for (+ merchandise) straight away. And most importantly, as an Official Q-dance Ambassador you can then also collect more hardcopy Ambassador tickets to sell (without having to pay for them up front again), and you can start earning more points rapidly!


If you already are an Official Q-dance Ambassador, you can visit the Q-dance HQ from Monday to Friday between midday and 6pm to collect your first lot of tickets to sell. Or if you are an Ambassador outside the Sydney region, simply send us an e-mail now to arrange your first lot of tickets to be sent out to you.


From 12:00 AEST May 31st general online Defqon.1 ticket sales start, which means you can start earning points by promoting your personal referral link online! Whether you are new to the team or you are already and Official Ambassador, you will have an active referral link as long as you signed up an Ambassador through this website. No Ambassador profile yet? Join here to get your own referral link.

When you login to your Ambassador profile you will find your personal referral link, which your friends (or anyone else) can use to purchase Defqon.1 tickets online. Each time someone purchases a Defqon.1 ticket through your link, you will earn points (same amount of points as hardcopy ticket sales)! And to keep you up-to-date, you will receive an email notification each time someone purchases a ticket via your URL, and the points will automatically be added to your account.


We'd like to thank everyone who attended this year’s Ambassador meetings for your next-level dedication! You can now check out the photos here.


Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone if you have any questions about our Ambassador program after reading this year’s Ambassador manual.

We look forward to welcoming you to the team, and to see you again soon!

Yours in (hard)style,

The Q-dance Team
P. 0424 577 218

Date posted: 2018-05-27


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