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Final ticket release notification

Is your dragonblood starting to flow faster?
Our favourite day of the year is almost here!

Last tickets!
We are down to the final tickets of the 3rd ticket release.
This Friday at 5pm we will release the last available tickets for this year’s festival.

Final release this Friday August 26
Final release Ambassador ticket prices increase to $180 for GA and $280 for VIP tickets.

This is people’s last chance to score tickets for Australia’s largest Q-dance festival in history.

Final release prices after this Friday
Final release prices apply to payments received after this Friday. So please make sure to pay on time for any outstanding tickets that you have sold, to avoid having to make up for the difference in ticket price between the 3rd and final release yourself.

We need to have received your 3rd release ticket payment by 5pm this Friday August 26th.
If you are paying for your tickets via EFT, please make your payment before 5pm Wednesday August 24th (allow up to 2 days for EFT payments).
If you are making a direct (cash) deposit at Westpac, you can do this until 5pm Friday August 26th (direct deposits go straight through).

Final release deadline notification
You do NOT need to return your unsold tickets to swap them for the final release.
You will receive another notification from us with the ultimate date for your final release ticket payment and the deadline date to return any unsold tickets.

Your points

If you have earned any points via hardcopy and/or online sales, please keep in mind that you need to redeem all your points before the 17th of September ;)
You can redeem your points by logging into your profile here.

Want to collect more tickets?
If you want to collect your first lot (or more) Defqon.1 tickets to sell, we recommend to get in ASAP before we have run out.
You can drop by at the Q-dance office from 12-6pm Monday - Friday, or if you are an Ambassador outside the Sydney region, simply send us an email.
First in = best dressed.

Have an awesome week and we look forward to seeing you soon,

The team at Q-dance

Date posted: 2016-08-22


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